Saturday, February 27, 2010

New cedar trellis

My hubby made me a gorgeous cedar trellis for additional gardening space.  When I commented on how pretty it was, and how we could put more tomatoes there, he built a sf box to go under it:
This will allow me to plant an additional four tomato plants here, using the smaller Siberian cherry tomato seeds I ordered this week.    So excited for March 15, when I can start my tomato seedlings.

Since you can see this trellis outside the kitchen window, I plan on putting sweet peas between the tomatoes to have some flowers growing up the side of the shed.  Gorgeous addition!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Siberian tomatoes?

Has anyone had any experience in growing Siberian or Russian heirloom tomatoes?   They are more set to shorter growing seasons and colder climates, so I'm going to order some seeds to give it a whirl. 

Got my belated birthday gift yesterday!

I love making cards, I love idea books and I love Wendy Sue Anderson's style of scrapping.  When I saw she coordinated a book entitled A Card A Day with 365 cards, I couldn't resist purchasing - but couldn't find it local anywhere.  Had to special order, and just picked it up last night (after waiting a month).   I'm excited to get caught up and inspired to continue on with a year's worth of cute ideas.    I'll be posting hopefully 3x a week with the creations.  :)    Once gardening season hits, might be more like once a week.  

Speaking of, I got too antsy and started marigold seeds on Sunday in a window ledge greenhouse (aka plastic tray and cover, with 24 peat pellets inside).    These were the 20 cent packs you can get at Walmart (American Seed Co) and I figured why not give it a shot; if they only half germinate, I'm out 10 cents and 2 bucks on peat pellets.   It said germination takes 10-14 days.   On Thursday I was so excited to see sprouts!!  This morning there are sprouts in almost every peat pellet (we put 2 seeds in each).     So I grabbed my other window ledge greenhouse and started the broccoli seeds.  I will move those outside once they get started, since they are a cool weather crop and we have been having  a lot of 50 degree days already.   The soil in my square foot boxes is awesome; I added a bucket to each of compost from my composter and it looks so rich and healthy.   I never understood when people said that gardening was so satisfying but I get it now!     My challenge - finding nice bigger containers for the deck similar to the 5 gallon Homer buckets you can buy at Home Depot for $5.   I don't want to spend $40 on buckets to try tomatoes but the 8" pots I used last summer just didn't cut it - I think the tomatoes were too crowded and didn't produce much.    I would like to use the bigger buckets as "hanging basket" type plants and let the tomatoes grow out the bottom while putting herbs in the top.    That also helps keep the slug issue at bay, which we definitely have plenty of here in Washington.  My hubby laughs as I head out at 10 pm with a pair of tongs and a tub of salt water.  They will not win!  ;) 

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Where does the time go?

Already February.   Looking up for some prospects, and enjoying some nice weather (ok, 45 isn't great but it isn't raining all day long so I'll take it!).      :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Picked up some packets of seeds to start in early March to be ready for transplanting in May and getting so excited about the garden for this year.  Something so wonderful about waking up and seeing how much your plants have grown that day - almost like they are shooting up overnight.   

Found some fun little windowpane sized mini greenhouses to try in our hallway windows that get excellent light (well, for Seattle anyway).    I'm hoping to increase my tomato production by double and learn how to make stewed canned tomatoes this year.  

Friday, January 22, 2010

It's is how you deal with things that show what kind of person you are

My hubby is looking for a new job.   Fun times.   I am so proud of how he is handling everything - he is even surprising himself a little bit I think.  He is not the same person he was when he was laid off at Lucent in 2003.  The positive attitude is just making me smile and I have no doubt he will find an even better job for him this time.  God was so good on the timing of our move to Seattle and I have faith this will all work out for the better.   He is showing that his core is strong, faithful and determined.   Pretty good qualities I think.  :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Things to stress about and things not to stress about

I am a pretty laid back person to most who know me.  I internalize most stress and just try to work it out in my head by myself. Most of the time, that works.  Sometimes it does not. 

One thing I've learned to deal with in the last year or two is friends and how we deal with them.  Facebook has put a different spin on that and we have "friends" that are real-life friends, more casual friends we met from online or family.   I have met some wonderful people online that have become "real-life" friends and have reconnected with friends from elementary and high school.   Occasionally I'll realize that a friend has deleted me from their list.  At first I was surprised or wondered if I did something to offend that person.   As a couple years went on and Facebook wasn't a new thing to me anymore, I see that it tends to be someone I'm really not close to, don't have much in common with, or simply don't really connect to on a deeper level. 

And I'm ok with it.  I have come to the opinion of:  it is their loss.

That sounds kinda funky or assuming but I think that I'm a pretty ok person to know.  I'm not fake.  I'm not putting on a show of how I'm "supposed" to be.  I'm not fitting a mold.  And if I don't fit into their life, that's ok too. 

I grew up very lower-middle class in a poorer area of KC.  My parents expected us to go to college and we did.  We actually paid for it ourselves.  There was no college fund hovering around and we did it - and paid for it for the next 10 years of our life.  I appreciated my education and am glad I did it.   It makes me a more well-rounded person, I know a lot of answers while watching Jeopardy, and it allowed me to get a better job than I would have coming out of high school.   But it doesn't define me.

I used to be fat.  Really fat.  A large-and-in-charge kinda gal.  Then I got to the point of needing to change  and was fortunate enough to qualify for gastric bypass through my work insurance. I did it over 4 years ago and lost over 135 pounds.  I look different on the outside.  I am healthier.  People no longer seem to treat me as "invisible" (though at 310 pounds, you really aren't invisible in any capacity).   I am the same, but yet have the confidence to not apologize for who I am.  I like to craft.  I like to eat massive amounts of blueberries. I like to put my hair up when I'm having a frizzy day.  I like to wear comfortable hoodies and crocs.  I make no apologies for my sadly unfashionable choices.  If people don't want to hang with me because I don't live in Aero or A&F, I don't really care.

I'm thankful it took me less than 40 years to come to terms with me - the good, the bad, the warts and shiny parts, and the average stuff in there too.  Not everyone is going to like me and I'm ok with that.  But in the words of the classic 80s movie Can't Buy Me Love, be yourself. Don't change who you are to please others.
Time for a new year - full of new possibilities.   :)   

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Card of the day?

There apparently is a book out titled something like "card of the day" by Paper Crafts.  Must go in search of this book - as there is a challenge now on to make cards (daily, weekly, whatever works).  One of my favorite scrappers did a lot of the cards, so I think it be inspiring.  

Getting the fun Valentine stuff out and decluttering.  Woohoo.   :)   c

Thursday, December 31, 2009


My mantra for January.....  time to get it done!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Getting ready for New Years!

I usually wait until after the New Year to take down the Christmas decorations, but I'm feeling antsy to just get it done.  I want to declutter the house and that seems to be part of it - getting all the "excess" stuff put away.   While I love the tree and the pretty white lights, I am ready to have them go away again for the year.   Looking forward to making a room shift between the living room and family room next month!  

We've been painting a lot and finally have the PERFECT soft sage green in our master bedroom.  So thankful for a hubby that painted it as a surprise for me this summer - and didn't get incensed when I said "thank you, but the color isn't right...."     He loves the new color too.  :)   Mint green is awesome in Florida but not so much in a bedroom with lots of oak furniture.  

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Getting our recipes together...

for some Christmas baking on Monday!    I have to use a final vacation day on Monday and will be making some Christmas treats with Marissa.  Hoping to make some traditions that she enjoys every year.  :)   Never would have thought we would be cooking together but people change.   :)    Any recipes to recommend?  We will make:

*rolo pretzels
*peanut butter cookies with kisses
*peppermint bark
*rosemary scones

Afterwards we will package up our goodies and deliver to the neighbors.   Gonna make a few more calendars as well:

Monday, December 14, 2009

Countdown to Christmas!

Trying to get all the stocking stuffers completed - I started with a few calendars and thought maybe I should do them for a lot of ladies?  Because they are fun, ya know.  :)   I also made a card set for a friend that has her own business, so I used her initial.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas means....making crafty stuff!

I don't think Brittany looks at this and if you happen to look Brit - don't go any further!   I love how this turned out and hope she likes it too.  She wanted "joy" letters for her room.   Tried to keep fairly neutral so she can change out the accent colors if she goes another way with her dorm colors.  :)

We are trying to stay more simple this year for Christmas and I have enjoyed making more "stuff."  :)  

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thursday evening means....The Office!

New episode - and trying to finish up the Christmas cards.   Clean house and cozy socks.  It's all good.  :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A big hearty congrats to my mother (in law)!

After many years of working, she is a free woman.  Her last official day of working for "the man" was yesterday.  I hope today brings her rest, relaxation and the joy of knowing she can do all the things she has wanted to do for years.  :)   Congrats to you - you deserve it.  :)

Friday, November 27, 2009

My two main enemies...Rachel Green and complex carbohydrates

YAMS!   We kept hearing this Brad Pitt voice in our head as we passed the sweet potatoes with the marshmallows last night at Thanksgiving dinner.  Usually if my in laws don't get the reference my hubby and I are laughing at, they know it is a quote from Friends or The Office.    I'm still feeling the effects of too many carbs last night but dinner was great!  Christopher made the best turkey on the grill and it was smoked beautifully.  There was no sight of a cheesy rice with broccoli casserole lingering anywhere....maybe Christmas?  ;)